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RBR was founded in October 2015 by Roberto Besos Reyes, a Senior Directional Driller with an 21 years extensive experience within the drilling field, holding various positions such as Directional Driller/WellPlanner/DD Coordinator and an extensive experience as DD Manager.

He has a vast experience in using different software platforms (i.e. Compass / Wellplan), designing simple and complex wells (i.e. preparing technical and commercial sections of tenders, from well path of simple slant wells to full analysis of Directional Drilling engineering in ERD wells), plus extensive experience as a Directional Driller experience using different technologies (PDM, RSS - point and push the bit) and managing DD/MWD teams as Coordinator/Manager.

This makes him a valuable asset to any company, ensuring that the drilling processes will be performed timely and in a correct manner, all according to the programs, and that it is prepared for the next step in the drilling and/or completion section. For bigger projects, Roberto can put together a team of experienced individual Contractors working with RBR.